Three of the Bloody Benderís hammers use to claim their victimís life are on display behind bullet-proof glass in the Cherryvale Museum. One of the hammers is a 6-poung collierís hammer, another an Alaskan shoe hammer and the third a common small hammer. The weapons are the only remaining artifacts publicly displayed from the inside of the Bender homestead. LeRoy Dick, fearing the excitement of so many irresponsible spectators prowling about, and to avoid the loss of valuable evidence, officially took charge at the Bender murdering farm, ordered nothing be removed from inside the inn, and personally supervised the search within the shack that followed. He removed several items including the three hammers to his home, to be held until called for by the legal authorities. In a notarized document dated April 25, 1967, Cornelius P. Dick stated ďThese items were never called for. Thus these hammers came into the possession of the Dick family. Since that time, these hammers have never left the possession of our family. I well remember seeing them about our place frequently. I occasionally used them for the purpose of cracking hickory nuts. At one time my father took them to the state Historical Society at Topeka with the intention of presenting them to the Society, but owing to some of the formalities connected with the transfer, my father felt that he was being imposed upon, and brought the hammers back with him to his home. After my fatherís death in April, 1939, after full discussion with family members and heirs, it was agreed these hammers should be presented to the Cherryvale Museum, and I was to see that this was done.Ē  Hammers, notarized document, and Certification for the Bender Hammers are displayed in the Cherryvale Museum